I’m a HUGE believer in “you are what you eat.” I also believe you can cure what ails you by simply putting the right nutrients into your body to help your own immune system and “operating systems” take better care of you. When I say “operating systems I mean, your heart, your digestive track, your blood pressure and cholesterol levels, diabetes control, brain power, energy, daily functions, etc. I approach each day with “how many different colors of fruits and veggies can I put on my plate today” . . . the more colors, the more diverse the nutrients, the more bodily “operating systems” benefit.

The research I've done over the years has brought me to make some pretty conclusive choices. From the moment I was diagnosed with Thyroid cancer (2005) I decided I was going to make my body an unwelcome place for cancer to thrive. I was going to make cancer HATE my body and leave! Cancer loves the lack of oxygen and it loves sugar. So, I increased my exercise regimen therefore increasing my oxygen levels, and then I started with my kitchen to fix my nutrition. I threw everything out and started over with organics and little to no processed foods. Nothing white was allowed back in the pantry - no white bread, pasta, rice, sugar, nothing. If it ain't brown, whole wheat, whole grain or homemade it doesn't belong in my house.

Now with my husband’s recent diagnosis of CLL (chronic lymphocytic leukemia), we're taking things a step further and minimizing our intake of animal-based proteins as a whole. That means limiting the amounts of skim milk, cheese, eggs, dairy and, of course, meat. We've switched to almond milk for cereal and coconut milk for yogurts/ice cream. I've always been a veggie lover and the transition to vegetarian was not difficult for me. It's been a bit of a struggle for my husband but he's coming around and embracing it with a hearty appetite. He eats chicken and fish as his main sources of protein in 4 oz servings, but that’s just until I can get him over to the bright side of the plate!!

I’ve made it my personal responsibility to take care of my family’s nutrition and health by taking care of them, and me, from the inside out. Stick around here and I’ll be happy to share some tasty recipes with you as well as the wonderful, natural benefits and remedies nature provides us all.

Be adventurous, try new things and brighten up your plate!